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All Direct Hire and Contractor Candidates go through our in-depth interview and evaluation program, which includes completion of the Technical Questionnaire (TQ).

In cases of out-of-town candidates, the same in-depth interview and TQ is conducted over the telephone. A Technical Questionnaire is based on the essential elements of the position and other important position requirements that include the ideal candidate experience and characteristics. We assist the hiring manager in the preparation of the TQ.

We ask these questions and send the TQ results of the selected candidate to the hiring manager for review, along with our interview notes and the candidate’s resume. The TQ is a useful tool that will allow the hiring manager the opportunity to examine the candidate’s skill sets before taking up his or her time to conduct an interview. We believe there is no sense in interviewing someone you would not hire, and we are sure our client businesses feel the same way.

A Written Candidate Evaluation Report is prepared. This Report consists of our organized candidate interview notes and includes a weighted average of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses. This information is submitted to the Client Company for all recommended candidates along with the TQ and the candidate’s resume.

Selected candidate’s employment history, references and educational credentials are checked and verified. Appropriate background checks including criminal history, driving record, credit history, workers compensation claims history and drug testing are available.

Candidates we have selected for you to interview will either meet or exceed the position requirements. It makes no sense to interview someone you would not hire. Our proven Candidate Evaluation Program is the perfect tool to give you confidence in your hiring decision. At this point, we have done all the interviewing. All you need to do is select the individual you like and that will best match the culture of your business. Detailed position descriptions are prepared for all positions, and include essential functions.

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JRP Staffing, LLC, and JRP & Associates are dedicated to providing candidates and services that will either meet or exceed your expectations.

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